How to Prepare a Wine Cellar at Home

How to Prepare a Wine Cellar at Home

If you are a wine connoisseur and you already have a quantity of bottles that needs organization, perhaps the time has come to start planning how you are going to arrange them properly, so that they do not lose quality and you can appreciate them properly.

Before preparing a wine cellar at home, there are 6 aspects to consider that will help you put this project into practice effectively:

1- Choice of Location

The size of the cellars varies depending on the number of bottles you want to store and the existing space. A wine cellar at home can be built by taking advantage of a small space in a kitchen or living room, where you can put a cupboard or a bottle rack. Alternatively, you can occupy places where there are niches and it is possible to place wine cellars, such as hallways, pantries or stairwells. If you have a house or other room available, then you might consider planning a larger cellar.

2- Lighting

Wines should not be exposed to direct sunlight or artificial light, as light will accelerate their aging and affect their quality. Ideally, the bottles should be protected from light, or alternatively, you can opt for recessed and indirect lighting. Another possibility is to install fluorescent lamps, which do not fall on the bottles, or if this is not feasible, you should only light them for the time strictly necessary.

3 - Humidity Control

Wine bottle stoppers are especially sensitive to moisture. When the humidity is too high, it is possible for the stopper to create fungi that damage it. On the other hand, when the humidity is low, the cork can become too dry and crack, allowing oxygen to enter the bottle, which leads to the oxidation of the wine, which could spoil it completely.

Wines must be stored in places with an average humidity of 70%. Despite this, levels between 50% and 80% can still be considered safe, as problems are very rare.

If necessary, you can use humidifiers to keep the humidity levels under control.

4 - Temperature Control

Ideally, you can install the cellar in an underground location that is naturally cool and damp. In most cases this is impossible, so if necessary, you can install an air conditioner, which regulates the temperature, to keep it between 13 °C and 15 °C, which can range a bit between 12 °C and 16 °C, with a small margin for both more and less. Temperatures above 21º C will make the wines age very quickly.

5 - Vibrations

The stability of wines is very important for their good conservation, therefore it is advisable to choose a place, away from electrical appliances. The vibrations of these devices can cause small cracks, which allow air to enter the bottles, which will alter the wine's taste or even break the bottle.

6 - Organization of Bottles and Accessories

The wine bottles must always be stored in a horizontal position, so that the stopper remains moist, thus avoiding the deterioration of the wines. For this reason, it is important to choose modules or shelves that allow this form of storage.

At we have at your disposal wine racks made of wood, aluminum and steel, which allow this form of storage through triangular or square compartments for several bottles, individual dividers and/or removable shelves.

The modern, rustic and configurable lines also allow the combination of various modules to your liking, providing you with the following advantages:

  •  select the storage formats you need;
  •  choose cabinets or compartments to store glasses, decanters, liquor bottles or other bottle formats;
  •  include a drawer to store accessories such as: corkscrews, coasters, anti-drip rings, safety seal cutters, dispensers and caps for wine bottles.
  •  purchase only the necessary modules, taking into account the amount of bottles you want to store.

If you need a customized project, you can also contact us via the e-mail, explaining your idea and indicating the dimensions of the space, so that we can help you.

Considering the 6 aspects mentioned above, it will be possible to define which will be the best options for you. You can then get down to work and start preparing your wine cellar at home, which will certainly provide you with unforgettable moments of leisure with family and friends.