How to Store Champagne Bottles

How to Store Champagne Bottles

Champagne is a sparkling wine originated in France, in the Champagne region. It has its own texture, so it must be stored under specific conditions, taking into account humidity, temperature and lighting.

1 - Store it in a cool place

If you want to store the champagne for a long period of time, the ideal temperature is 13ºC. If you want to store for a shorter time, you should keep it below room temperature, but not too much, so that the champagne doesn’t freeze. You can keep it in the fridge, but be careful: sudden temperature changes can spoil the taste of champagne. To avoid this, let the champagne cool slowly.

Champagne should be kept at slightly lower temperatures than other types of wine, although all must be kept in cool places. The champagne must be very cold, but can’t freeze.

2 - Avoid sunlight

The solar rays alter the internal temperature of the champagne, having an effect on the chemical composition of the drink. So, it will taste bad. Therefore, store the bottle in a dark place, with no natural or artificial light. If you can't find a spot without light, you can cover your bottles with a thin and dark fabric.

3 - The bottles must be on a smooth surface

Only with a smooth and firm surface is it possible to preserve the texture of the champagne. You can leave the bottles upright or dispose of them.

4 - Attention to storage time

Opened bottles must be stored for a maximum of 5 days, while closed bottles can be kept for a month. If you want to store your bottles for a longer period of time, you will need a champagne bottle rack.

Bonus tip

When serving your champagne, if you need it to get colder quickly, place the bottle in a bucket with ice up to the top. To speed up the melting, you can cover the ice with mineral salt. In 10 to 25 minutes you will have your champagne ready. Attention: never place the champagne bottles in the freezer, otherwise it will spoil the flavour.