Why storing wine bottles properly is essential?

Why storing wine bottles properly is essential?

To properly appreciate a good wine, it is necessary to take several precautions with the way it is stored. Even wines of recognized brands and good years of harvest, need to be kept in a place that ensures the best conditions, to preserve them properly.

This article will explain which are the 7 essential conditions, to take into account, when choosing a place to store your bottles of wine.

1- The intensity of the brightness of the place where you will place your wine rack must be minimal, which means that there can be no direct exposure to sunlight or artificial lights, so that there are no changes in the taste and aroma of wines . Although white wines are more sensitive to light than red wines, both must be protected. 

2- The temperature of the place where the wine will be stored should never reach 24ºC, to avoid oxidation of the wine. The ideal temperature for storing wine is 12ºC. This temperature should not fluctuate, more than 1.6ºC in a day and 2.7ºC in a year. In this way, premature aging of the wine is avoided. Red wines are more sensitive to these fluctuations than white wines.

3- The ideal humidity level should stay between 65% and 75%, to prevent oxidation of the wine. When the humidity level is low, the corks dry and mingle, allowing oxygen to enter the bottle which causes oxidation.

4- The best way to store wine bottles is horizontally, because when the bottles are in this position, the corks will be in contact with the wine, remaining moist and intact and preventing the entry of oxygen.

5- The place must still be ventilated, without odor of mold or other odors, in order to avoid contamination of the corks of wine bottles over the years.

6- The wine bottles must be protected from vibrations. Consequently, wine bottles should never be placed on or near appliances, due to their vibrating action. When a bottle of wine is frequently subject to vibrations, the wine deteriorates.

7- Finally, it is still necessary to take into consideration the ideal time to store a bottle of wine. All wines have an expiration date that must be respected, most red wines can be stored between 2 and 10 years and white wines can usually be stored between 2 and 3 years.

Following these suggestions, you will make the most of the experience of tasting your wines and provide the same to your guests.

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