Wine Tourism During Winter in Portugal

Wine Tourism During Winter in Portugal

In Portugal, the peak season for wine tourism is during the harvest, between September and October. Summer is also a high season for this activity, as well as for tourism in general. When winter comes, wine tourism loses some strength, it is the low season. However, good wine can also be enjoyed in winter.

Dão wines are a good example of wine tourism in winter, thanks to its landscape, with its mountains. Even with snow, it's nice to go to a good restaurant in the region and enjoy a good Dão wine. For those who like the outdoors, regardless of the cold, there are activities, such as trips through the historic centres of the villages and adventure sports.

The Douro region also stands out thanks to its World Heritage landscape. In the Douro there are always medieval villages and farms to be visited and discovered. There is also the advantage that in winter there are fewer people, so it is a time for those who like to travel more peacefully.

For those who like the city, a good option is to visit the Port Wine cellars, in Vila Nova de Gaia. For wine lovers, it is a mandatory visit, as there are classic wine tasting or accompanied by chocolates and other sweets, as well as tasting accompanied by fado, cocktails with Port wine and also other activities.

Further south, we highlight the Colares area, in Sintra. As the vines are planted on sandy soil, at great depth, their wines acquire unique characteristics, such as acidity, freshness and salinity.

Wine tourism stands out not only for wine tasting, but also for tourist activities that are offered together, crossing wine with gastronomy, culture, history and nature. Therefore, this type of tourism can be used beyond the grape harvest season.