The online shop has appeared to meet the growing demand for wine bottle racks, both for corporate and final customers. The website presents and makes available, various styles of wine bottle racks made of wood, aluminum or steel, which meet the needs of each customer, depending on the necessary storage, bottle capacity and and available space.

Our products stand out, due to the quality of the materials plus the versatility they provide. It is possible to purchase one or more modules, to assemble racks or wine cellars with identical modules, or with modules of different characteristics. There are also several models, that allow to level the shelves for greater flexibility.

As an online shop, simplifies the purchase of these products by providing transportation and delivery of partially assembled articles. It also provides customer support via chat, telephone or email, to answer all inquiries about products and orders, in order to ensure the best service.

The website is owned by For Demand, Lda., which has been operating since May 2012, at Candal Park (Business Center), in Vila Nova de Gaia.