Curiosities About Wines

Curiosities About Wines

There are many curiosities about wines that many people still don't know about. Read these interesting facts below!

1. White wine can also be made with red grapes

This is one of the curiosities about wines that few people are expecting. The wine is coloured by extracting the pigments from the grape skin, which is not in the fermentation, in the case of white wines. This is the case with rare Malbec and Pinot Noir white wines. As for the production of rosé, the skins are in contact with the mixture for a short time, the necessary until it turns pink.

2. Dessert wines have no added sugar

Dessert wines are sweet due to the excessive ripening of the grape, the fortification or because it is an icewine (wine produced from grapes frozen on the vine).

3. Difference between dry and smooth

Soft wine has added sugar, its quality is lower. They can be easily found in supermarkets. Dry wines or fine wines are produced with more noble grapes, such as Merlot or Chardonnay.

4. Sparkling wine or champagne?

There is still a lot of confusion between these two types. So, champagne is the sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region, in France, and only this one can have this name.

5. How many grapes does it take to produce a bottle of wine?

It depends on how the fermentation was made and even the size of the grapes, whether they have too much or too little liquid.

However, on average, for a normal wine, a hectare with 1,200,000 grapes produces about 33 barrels of wine. Doing the math until you reach a bottle, you give approximately 300 grapes per bottle.

6. What does maturation mean?

When it comes to maturing wine, it means that it will be stored in oak barrels until it is bottled. It is only after it is in the bottle that the ripening begins.

7. Wines lose their colour over time

With aging, red wines lose their colour and may turn orange or brick. On the other hand, whites happen the other way around, as they may become more yellowish or brownish in colour.

8. Red wine has health benefits

The benefits of red wine exist thanks to tannins. This compound is associated with the inhibition of cholesterol in blood vessels.

9. The older the better?

Actually, only 5% of the world's wine production actually gets better with aging. In contrast, the remaining 95% must be consumed within 1 year after reaching the market.

If you want to store your wines safely and effectively, consult the different wine cellars available and choose the one you like best!

Image by Wolfgang Claussen from Pixabay